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Living in Serbia-Health and Emergencies

Public health system

The Serbian public health system has been short of funds for decades, despite the well-trained medical staff. Some equipment and facilities are outdated, but doctors usually try their best to use existing resources.

Serbia’s healthcare is applicable to all citizens and registered long-term residents. When you arrive in Serbia, it is best to confirm with your employer how your health insurance is regulated. To find out if your country has a bilateral health insurance agreement with Serbia, please check this link.


The equipment in Serbian hospitals is poor and outdated, although some hospitals have better equipment.

Most expats have international medical insurance covering treatment abroad. Even in private hospitals, the diagnosis and treatment of dentists, blood tests and medicines are relatively cheap and accessible.

Private health insurance

If you are used to traveling abroad, you should know that it is always useful to get private health insurance.

By default, according to the Serbian Health Insurance Law, all foreign citizens working in foreign companies or local companies in Serbia must participate in compulsory health insurance.

There are dozens of insurance companies in Serbia, and you can buy life and non-life insurance in Serbia.

You can contact most insurance companies’ offices by email or phone and ask if they can provide services in English or other languages.

Emergency number

In an emergency, it is always nice to know where to call. While in Serbia, you can call these numbers from any mobile phone and ask for the help you need. If you need help in extreme situations, we also recommend that you have your own embassy number.

Police: 192
Fire Station: 193
Ambulance: 194
AMSS Road Assistance: 1987
Emergency Hospital: Tel +381 11 3618 444 (Serbian Clinic Pasterova 2)
International telephone registration: 19011
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