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Travels in Serbia: a quiet city with a leisurely life

Serbia, to be honest, I have been very new to this name before. Where is it? What kind of country is it? Even if it played against the Chinese women’s volleyball team for the last time, I have no impression of this country. Until someone said: It was the former Yugoslavia! I came to understand. It turned out that the country of Yugoslavia has long been disintegrated, and I foolishly thought that this country still exists.

After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, it split into Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. The original capital Belgrade is now the capital of Serbia. Just like when the Soviet Union disintegrated, Moscow, the capital, is now the capital of Russia.

It was only in mid-January of this year (2017) that visa-free access to China began. Although it is a European country, Chinese people have not set foot here in a popular way. Therefore, I intend to arrange this year’s overseas plan in Serbia.

————A Strategy————

About flights

Mainly fly to Belgrade Airport in the capital. We chose Aeroflot, from Hong Kong, from Guangzhou, and transit from Moscow to Belgrade. If you buy it a few months in advance, you can get a return ticket at a price of more than 3,000 yuan including tax. It’s still relatively favorable.

About the fare

As mentioned earlier, to go to Serbia, there is currently no direct flight from China, and it needs to transit from Moscow or Abu Dhabi. The two waves of us respectively transferred from Moscow and Abu Dhabi to Belgrade. Because we guarded the air tickets every day, the round-trip air tickets for everyone were probably more than 3,000, not more than 4,000. And they are all non-budget airlines, including 23KG luggage/person/trip.

So, you can pay attention to the special price situation of Aeroflot and Etihad Airlines.

About visa

Serbia is currently visa-free to China. I didn’t check my ticket when I left the Chinese customs. I just asked where I was going. I said Serbia. The customs girl may not have heard of it. I asked the colleague next to it: Serbia Is it visa-free? I got a reply saying yes, just let me pass.

When I entered Serbia, it went smoothly. I didn’t ask anything and stamped me. However, when I left Serbia, I only checked my passport and did not stamp it again. Therefore, I only had one entry stamp, but no departure stamp. I don’t know what it meant, and finally returned home smoothly.

PS: This time I printed the round-trip ticket and the hotel reservation information, but I did not ask me to provide these information when I went out of the domestic customs. I just asked where I was going, and then stamped the blank space. The original poster still had a new blank passport, no problem.

The customs entering the country is the same. You will not be asked to provide air tickets and hotel bills. The whole journey feels as simple as flying from Beijing to Shanghai. After returning home, there is a self-service customs entry machine. Put the new passport in, and without opening it, it will automatically scan the cover and you can enter the customs, super fast. But remember to find the staff next to the machine to fill in an entry stamp. (Tried at Guangzhou Airport, it is very convenient, 1 minute to pass, 1 second to stamp)

About accommodation

This time we stayed in airbnb and hotel. In the first three days in Belgrade, we all stayed at airbnb. As will be written in the travel notes later, it is very good. After staying in hotels in different places, the prices are not expensive. In fact, the overall consumption in Belgrade is not expensive.

To book accommodation, I chose to book accommodation on airbnb website and bookingnet.

About changing money

Serbia’s national currency is called the Dinar, or din for short. 100din is about 6 yuan. Therefore, the way to count money in Serbia is to go to 2 zeros and then x6, which is about the price of yuan.

There is almost no UnionPay logo in the ATMs in Serbia, so it is recommended that you change your money first. Dinars and Euros are collected locally, so it is a good way to exchange Euros in the country. Sometimes some airport transfers or room charges can be paid in Euros.

There is also a money exchange point at the airport. The exchange rate is relatively poor. I personally think that the best exchange rate is in Belgrade. The exchange rates of the two cities I go to are not as high as Belgrade. So, if you want to change money, you should do it in Belgrade.

About exchange

Because I went to Russia to learn some Russian language last year and I am familiar with Cyrillic alphabets. Serbia also uses typical alphabets, so it saves me the time to learn. The best letters are about the same, but the replaced words are different, but the communication is still no problem. of.

But fortunately, the English level of the Serbian people is obviously higher than that of the Russian people. At least there are many people who understand English on the street. It is easier to ask directions or consult.

About Internet

Serbia’s 4G network is still good. We bought a local calling card-VIP. There are some in the Dagong Pedestrian Street. They are all located at intersections. They are easy to find. The price is 300din sheets. You can surf the Internet but cannot make calls. It includes 7 days of 4G data , Very good, only less than 20 yuan equivalent to RMB. The signal is very good, and without a passport, one person can buy a few for a friend.

About APP

The one I use the most throughout the entire journey is: Google Maps
Because all major translation software does not have a Serbian translation, so in the translation software, you should use a translator who can translate English.

About some simple conversations

Hello = Alice (same as suffering from it), thank you = Oh frog pull, goodbye = David pick up (you can also use “Alice” among familiar friends), say hello (daytime) = do not pull, yes = Take, not = pinch (yes and not words are the same as Russian best

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