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Serbia-Airport. Train. Bus and Taxi

Belgrade Airport

Belgrade’s International Nikola Tesla Airport is located near Surcin, 18 kilometers away from Belgrade, and it has two different routes to the city centre.

Express bus line Nº A1:
It operates every 20 minutes and starts and ends in Slavija Square (middle). The journey takes about 30 minutes. Buses also stop at the railway station and New Belgrade. Tickets can be purchased from the driver at a cost of 300 dinars.

To take a bus at the airport, you need to go upstairs and cross the road. You will see the bus stop pole in front of the airport exit.

Public bus Nº 72:
It runs every 30 minutes and starts and ends at Zeleni Venac (the green market in the center). Depending on traffic conditions, the journey lasts about 40 minutes or more. Tickets can be purchased from the driver at a cost of 150 dinars. Although this is the cheapest travel option, if you are coming to Belgrade for the first time without a map, this is not the easiest option.

For more information about Belgrade Airport, you can check our previous section on how to get to Belgrade.

National Railway Service

The infrastructure of most trains is a bit old, and because there is no express railway, they run very slowly compared to other countries. But prices are usually lower, and you can start to see old trains being replaced by old trains.

For more information on rail services, please visit the following link:

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  • Eurail-Serbia

National Bus Service

Serbia’s national bus service network is larger than the railway network. Similarly, some buses are old-fashioned rather than the most comfortable buses, but the quality of long-distance travel is better. The price is affordable, and it will take some time to reach your final destination even if the distance is not far before the new highway is built.

For more information about services and how to plan your trip, please visit the following link:

  • Rasta
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  • Nis Ekspres
  • Polazak itinerary planner
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Belgrade Taxi

There are more than 20 different taxi companies in Belgrade that provide very affordable and frequent services throughout the city.

There is no standard for the color, type or age of taxis. But you can distinguish them by the company logo on the roof. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you always use taxis with TX on the taxi, which means they are official. People without TX are illegal taxis and will charge you expensive fees.

You can also use the free new application Taxify Belgrade, which works similarly to Uber, but uses the official driver of a registered company.

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