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Immigration to Serbia How to get to Belgrade?


Airplanes, trains, cars, buses and ships-Serbia is easily accessible from all corners of the world. Where the East meets the West, our capital Belgrade is a stepping stone to some of the most fascinating cities in Europe-perfect for the last minute rest on the weekend when the travel bug strikes.

By plane

The fastest way to reach Serbia is by air. Belgrade’s International Nikola Tesla Airport provides direct access to almost all European capitals, while new direct flights lead to exciting long-distance destinations, such as New York.

There are many companies offering flights to and from Belgrade, which helps keep prices competitive. The national airline is Air Serbia, which has routes to almost every country in Europe, and is increasingly flying to other continents. In the summer, many low-cost airlines provide additional services to popular holiday destinations.

More information about flights to Belgrade.

By car

Serbia has a highway connecting the north and south of the country, as well as many smaller roads, which are undergoing various improvements. Every route in Belgrade has a signal, making it easy to get to the capital.

You can bring your own vehicle to Serbia, but it is important to prepare all the documents in advance. If you are insured in an EU country, you no longer need a green card, but before you travel, you should check whether the policy covers Serbia. It is also a good idea to contact the Serbian Embassy in your country for further clarification.

Many major border crossings to neighbouring countries can become very crowded. When driving from Hungary, it is recommended that you avoid the main border of Szeged/Horgoš instead of trying the less busy Tompa/Kelebija or the newer ones Backi vinogradi / Asotthalom. If you are traveling from Croatia, consider crossing the border in Tovarnik/Šid instead of busy Bajakovo/Batrovci; from Macedonia, Pelince/ProhorPčinjski is better than Tabanovce/Preševo.

As in many European countries, there are some highway tolls, which you can pay in dinars, euros or with a Mastercard/visa. Gas stations on major roads are very frequent, offering EU-quality gasoline and diesel at cheaper prices than Western Europe, but expensive compared to North America.

More information about driving to Belgrade.

By train

Serbia has very convenient transportation with all neighboring countries by train, and provides a variety of day and night services. Although there are not many direct routes from Belgrade to other European capitals, you can reach most destinations in just a few train changes.

Compared with some other European countries, Serbian trains are often older and not the most comfortable trains, but they are cheap and safe. The rail network is not a high-speed rail, but the leisurely trains travel through our country and provide some of the best scenery in the Balkans.

The Balkan Flex Pass is a cheap way to travel to and from Serbia. This pass includes travelers who take the following train tickets:

Serbian Railway
Serbia Voz
More information about trains to Belgrade.

By bus

Serbia’s national bus service network is very developed, which is actually faster than railways. There are many services to different capital cities in Europe, and the coaches are of different ages, but the prices are still very low, which is the cheapest way to explore the Balkans and other regions.

The following are the main bus companies that provide routes in Serbia, but you may also find other services available in your country:

  • Belgrade Bus Station
  • Rasta
  • Nis Ekspres
    For more information about buses to Belgrade, or plan a trip to Belgrade.

By boat

If you want to reach the white city in a stylish way, why not sail along the Danube? There are several cruise companies that offer routes from nearby capitals such as Vienna, Prague or Budapest. Belgrade (Belgrade) cruise ship is designed for tourists, air tickets are relatively expensive, and long-distance travel takes several days. But for adventurous travelers, traveling along the Danube is a great way to visit other cities and enjoy spectacular river views.

More information about the boat trip to Belgrade.

No matter which route you decide to take to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, travelers from all walks of life are welcome.

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