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Immigration to Serbia – Guide to Living in Serbia

Due to its geographic location, Serbia is “between the two” both geographically and culturally: this means a mix of cultural diversity and strategic position in terms of trade and commerce. In this article, you can read about local services and facilities, from education to healthcare and more.

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Life in Serbia

Traffic in Serbia

Due to its strategic trading position in Europe, Serbia’s road network is one of the best in the region. However, although highways and major roads will be in good condition, smaller local roads may be more difficult to drive.

You can use the international driving license to use more than 40,800 kilometers of roads in the country for a period of six months, but after that, you need to apply for a local permit. Expats moving to Serbia should also be aware that the speed limit of 60 km/h in urban areas and 120 km/h on highways is strictly enforced.

Public transportation in Serbia is also very good. The country has an extensive train network that connects cities and some rural areas with the rest of the country. Since it is close to many European countries, you can also take direct and indirect trains across Europe to Turkey, Germany and Switzerland.

Although the railway network was once more primitive than some other European countries, the Serbian government approved a complete modernization plan in 2010 to get the railway system off the ground. There is also a large intercity bus and long-distance bus network, as well as water transportation on the Danube and Sava rivers.

Education in Serbia

Like many other Central and South-Eastern European countries, Serbia’s education system provides free and compulsory education from 6 to 15 years of age. This is done at the elementary level, after which students can continue to receive education in secondary schools until they are 19 years old. Then they can enter higher education, which can include universities, colleges, art schools or vocational colleges.

As a foreigner, your child will have the right to make full use of the local public school system while living in Serbia, although there are many international schools and colleges that also offer courses in English or other languages ​​if you wish. Many of them are located in the capital Belgrade, including Belgrade International School and British International School, to name a few.

Serbia’s healthcare

Serbia’s health care is state-run and funded by compulsory medical insurance provided by its citizens. As a foreigner living and working in Serbia, you can use the medical system as long as you are working and insuring the necessary insurance money. However, depending on your country/region, you may experience additional charges.

Many doctors and nurses in big cities do speak English, but it is important to check before making an appointment. There is also a large network of private hospitals and doctors that can provide a better level of care. However, due to the lack of medical supplies and equipment in many hospitals, many expats prefer to go to other nearby countries, which have better medical facilities for main treatment or surgery.

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